PIXIO and PIXEM are auto-follow cameras that film moving targets both indoors and outdoors with a range of 100m, a fully automatic zoom and an unrivalled accuracy.

Jigabot EX - Red

An Auto Tracking Camera Robot for smartphone, tablet, camera, and camcoder

Includes a Dot Driver Kit, 4 dots, a camera mount, a power adapter, and a waterproof and shockproof carrying case. 

Promo Code: usoteq



An Auto-Tracking Camera Robot for Smartphone and Tablet.

Includes a robot, mechanical adaptor for phone/tablet, tag, silicon wristband, 3 beacons + small tripods, batteries, chargers, plugs for the country of delivery. No tripod

Promo Code: idipuk



An Auto-Tracking Camera Robot for camera and Camcoder.

Includes a robot (no camera, no tripod), the watch with a silicon wristband, the three micro-beacons with their small tripods, batteries and chargers with the plugs for your country of delivery, the cable for the camera control. 

Promo Code: anuvan


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The Key Customers using PIXEM, PIXIO and Jigabot are

Maplewood Farm, Massachusetts

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New Enhancements in Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.5

Wowza Streaming Engine Pro Perpetual - Online (1 yr)

Perpetual Pro License with unlimited transcoder channels, nDVR and DRM for online.

Promo Code: ugojey1


Wowza Streaming Engine Pro Perpetual - Offline (USB) (1 yr)

Perpetual Pro License with 25 transcoder channels, nDVR and DRM for offline USB Key.

* included custom license administrative fee $500 applied one time regardless of the number of licenses.

Promo Code: unovuq1


One Year Wowza Pro

Maintenance and Support (1 yr)

Wowza Streaming Engine™ maintenance and support engineers provide individualized technical assistance worldwide and support full software version upgrades for major products enhancement.

Promo Code: okacic1


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Key Customers using Wowza Streaming Engines and other products are

Korean Broadcasting System, South Korea 

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