Foldable Hip-Seat Carrier for you and your babies

Small frame, Big support. Our state-of-the-art compact hip-seat carrier helps you carry for longer!

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"Keep your baby healthy, make parenting happier!"

Bebefit light is a hip seat carrier made by a group of dads that wanted to help make parents' lives more convertible. We designed a convertible hip seat carrier that is comfortable not only for babies but for moms and dads as well.

We aspire to continues making products that make parenting an easier task for all parents.

Bebefit's state-of-art foldable hip-seat

"A compact stand-alone hip-seat waistband"

 The Bebefit Light is a compact stand-alone hip-seat waistband inspired from the technology of our keystone product the Bebefit.


At Bebefit, your safety and comfort always come first.

"Fold easily and lightly"

You can quickly adjust the Bebefit Light’s hip seat to the “ UP ” and “DOWN” position with our one-touch folding mechanism.

"Up to 110 Ibs

 The Bebefit Light has a carrying capacity of 110 Ibs.

M Position: Our Carrier naturally leaves your baby's legs in the M-Position. This recommended open-sitting position promotes healthy hip growth and is certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 

Eco-friendly/Hypo-allergenic: The Bebefit Light is certified by both OEKO-TEX and Blue Sign ensuring that we are doing our best to provide the safest, healthiest, and environmentally responsible products.

Sturdy: The Bebefit Light boasts a hefty carrying capacity of 110 lbs


Leave your bulky hip-seat back at home and carry around your compact Bebefit Light for more convenient on-the-go support.


A large pocket on the side of the waistband allows users to store a variety of items such as phones, wallets, and baby supplies. Other fun uses: Walking laptop table, pet seat, etc...

Global Standards that Bebefit Light passed


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