Wirecast for Live Event Production

Today’s fans are increasingly turning to the web for entertainment – from music, sports and interviews, to documentaries, comedy and more. Wirecast allows you to quickly and easily capture live or pre-recorded video, audio, music and other media - create professional productions – and broadcast events in real time to web audiences.

Use Wirecast’s powerful audio ingestion and mixing capabilities to bring your online audience directly to the event. Create multiple discrete audio tracks of audio for different outputs and streams. From conferences and seminars to live rock concerts and everything in between, Wirecast is the perfect tool for streaming and producing your live events.

Keep your fans engaged

After the game’s over, keep your fans engaged with highlights, press conferences and more.

SlingStudio's integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X automatically organizes and time-aligns all files from your live production in your project timeline. Just drop the files in and complete your post-production setup in minutes instead of hours.

Live stream your videos

Use the free PIXEM app to live stream your videos on Facebook, Youtube and soon on other social media* as our own PIXEM LIVE Platform with full privacy management. 

*Skype and FaceTime cannot accept a video from another app, so the PIXEM app video will not have a real time live streaming, they will have a random delay of about 10 to 40 sec.

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