Improve Patient Outcomes

Incorporating video technology boosts accessibility, patient engagement, and remote monitoring capabilities.

Enhance Collaboration

Streaming is revolutionizing the way healthcare workers connect to and collaborate with experts around the world.

Reduce Operational and Patient Costs

From virtual medical training to telehealth, video streaming lowers costs for healthcare institutions and patients alike.

Wowza's Capabilities for Medical Streaming

  • Low-Latency Streaming

    For life-changing solutions like real-time monitoring and video-assisted procedures, Wowza delivers high-quality streams with unmatched speed and reliability.

  • Superior Video Quality

    Get a granular view of procedures and patients so that no detail goes overlooked with capabilities like 4K UHD, 360/VR, and adaptive bitrate streaming.

  • State-of-the-Art Features

    Whether performing an endoscopy or synchronizing video and health data, Wowza offers advanced features and customization options to support your needs.

  • Healthcare-Grade Security

    Be confident that your content is protected and HIPPA-compliant with end-to-end encryption, token authentication, and digital rights management (DRM)

Use Cases

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