Auto-Tracking Camera Robot

PIXIO is auto-follow camera that films moving targets both indoors and outdoors with a range of 330ft, a fully automatic zoom and an unrivalled accuracy. Now you can film more often, independently, without the assistance of a cameramen for hours. Film K-12s, colleges and Universities, sports, rehearsals, actors, religious organizations, conferences, events...!

Included: The robot (no camera, no tripod), the watch with a silicon wristband, the three micro-beacons with their small tripods, batteries and chargers with the plugs for your country of delivery, the cable for the camera control. The cable included in the pack is a "Multi" model for SONY cameras; See the online store for other cable models. Check out the complete lists of the supported cameras.

Compatibility: Cameras and Camcoders

Return Policy: 14 days money back guarantee 

Two Years Warranty

Price: $799

Promo Code for PIXIO : anuvan


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Included: The robot (no camera, no tripod), the watch with a silicon wristband, the three micro-beacons with their small tripods, batteries and chargers with the plugs for your country of delivery, the cable for the camera control. The cable included in the pack is a "Multi" model for SONY cameras; See the online store for other cable models. Check out the complete lists of the supported cameras

Compatibility: Cameras, Camcoders, Smartphones and Tablets

Return Policy: 14 days money back guarantee 

Two Years Warranty

Price: $969


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The Key Customers using PIXEM, PIXIO and Jigabot are

Maplewood Farm, Massachusetts

The PIXIO and The PIXEM are made for 

Equestrians with horses

So easy to use!

Wear the watch on the wrist, arm or pocket:

The robot tracks you automatically! 

Start/stop the record from the watch.

No calibration time. Just enjoy the video.

PIXIO, auto-tracking camera robot
PIXIO, auto-tracking camera robot

Share the amazing things customers Before PIXIO, I had a still camera. It was difficult to see particular aspects of the riding. With PIXIO, I stay in the frame, it zoom in and out, so I'm able to see every step very clearly.

Suzie Halle, Dressage, U.S.A


Take advantage of unrivalled INDOOR & OUTDOOR range from 3 to 330ft (1m-100m). No line of sight required!

Enjoy video opportunities with unlimited creativity!

Automatic Rotations

PIXIO is designed for many applications. From fast-paced sports to conferences: high responsiveness, accuracy, softness of movements.
PAN: Rotations 360° endless. 120°/s max (45mph at 30ft; 72km/h at 10m). Manual TILT rotations +/- 10°.

Preferred Features

  • Indoor and Outdoor

    PIXIO can track a watch with the same performance inside or outside.

  • Automatic Zoom

    With a compatible camera (refer to the complete list), PIXIO adjusts the zoom automatically, in real time, in order to keep the same frame size around the subject being filmed.How does it work? At any moment with the watch at a distance of more than 5 meters from the camera, you can go behind the PIXIO and press + and - to set the frame you like. Nothing else. This frame will be kept automatically when the watch distance increases or decreases. The setting is saved into memory and you don't have to do it again the next time you use your PIXIO.


    Any standard camera can be used for both indoors and outdoors. This is very important for you to have the latest features and the very best quality from renowned camera brands. Using one of the compatible cameras will allow you to enjoy the auto-zoom and the remote control of the 'record' from the watch and from a smartphone.
    The camera is connected to the robot with a custom cable. PIXIO is provided with a "Multi" cable for recent SONY cameras. Other cables are available in the online store.
    PIXIO can support cameras up to 2KG (4,40lbs).

    Check out the complete list of supported cameras.

  • Multi Users

    With your PIXIO, you can film up to 16 people, each one wearing a watch. Two possibilities: the last one who presses its button is filmed, or someone is using the app. on its smartphone or tablet to chose who is filmed.You can also use up to 16 robots to film from different angles. Just add "Extra Robots" to your standard PIXIO (see the online store to find the Extra Robot). Whatever the number of watches, a maximum of 3 different watches can be filmed at the same time by the 16 robots; It means that several robots will sometime have to film the same watch.

  • Edit with any Software

    Your camera delivers standard files formats you can use in any video editing software from Apple, Windows, Sony, etc.

  • Smartphone/Tablet

    Remote Control App

    Control everything you can imagine... As a sport coach... As a video responsible... As an artist...Choose who is filmed, from which camera. Choose the zoom level, activate/deactivate the auto zoom.

    Deactivate the auto-follow mode and set your own frame.

    Configure the tracking smoothness. Change the LED power...(Remote Control App. is optional and free, PIXIO can work without the app).



Live streaming services offered by camera manufacturers and social networks are possible since cameras on PIXIO are quite standard, but they have a delay of 10 to 40 seconds.

For real-time lessons over the Internet, other solutions are therefore necessary, proposed in a PIXIO LIVE COACHING pack which works with Skype or FaceTime on a computer placed near the camera, and therefore virtually no delay of the image and sound received in an headset.

Want effective training with your coach? looking for auto-tracking camera robot for smartphone or tablet?



    Compatibility: Samrtphone and Tablet

    MSRP: $799

    Promo Code :  idipuk



    with Tripod

    Compatibility: Smartphone and Tablet

    MSRP: $850

    Promo Code :  ekisit



    Live Coaching Pack

    Compatibility: Camera and DV Camera

    MSRP: $2,100

    Promo Code :  emiqet


  • PIXIO Live Coaching+CEECoach Voice Transmitter

    Compatibility: Camera and DV Camera

    MSRP: $2,450

    Promo Code :  ucadov



What kind of tripod do I need ?

You need a tripod with a 3/8" screw. It is bigger than the usual 1/4" screw generally used for cameras. Do not use a tripod with a head, because of poor stability (except very high cost tripods!) and because it has a 1/4" screw...

Is it possible to plug PIXIO and the micro-beacons to a wall socket ? Do they work or do they only recharge ?

PIXIO and the micro-beacons can be plugged in a wall socket, and they work. It is a solution for filming all day long, and also to install PIXIO at a fixed place.

Does PIXIO have an automatic tilt ?

PIXIO has a manual tilt you can set before filming. For most activity on a level ground, you don't need the automatic tilt. As an example, refer to this video taken with PIXIO from the stadium stands, above the arena: https://youtu.be/QLnXLRSC2R8

Is it possible to live stream the video taken with PIXIO ?

Yes, the HDMI plug of the camera can be used to have the video in real time, and many providers can live stream this video. Recent cameras also have a live stream option through your smartphone.

What is the connection needed on camera to have the automatic zoom and the REC control from the watch ?

The camera plug is called "Multi" or "LANC" or "A/V-R" depending on the model. The models listed on the website are compatible with Pixio, the others may not be compatible. Some non-listed models are compatible due to their similarities with compatible models, do not hesitate to ask us and we will check.

I have a DSLR; Is it compatible with PIXIO ?

Any DSLR can be mounted on Pixio. But DSLRs do not have a motorized zoom. The zoom will remain fixed. Be careful that DSLRs generally do not have autofocus in video mode, so the video may be blurry.

Where do I get the mechanical interface to allow smartphone and tablet to be used for filming ?

You need a common adaptor between Pixio and the smartphone or tablet. It is generally called "smartphone/tablet tripod adaptor". It costs a few dollars and can be found easily.

With a tablet or smartphone, do I have the automatic zoom and the REC control from the watch ?

No. A tablet or smartphone does not have any plug for zoom and record remote control.

Is it possible to use the HDMI port of the camera for video recording or streaming, or is it disturbed by the zoom and REC control from PIXIO ?

It is possible to use the HDMI port while PIXIO is controlling the zoom and the REC through the specific plug (multi, LANC, or A/V-R). HDMI plug is not used by PIXIO.

Is it necessary to measure everything manually in detail to set-up the beacons at precise locations ?

No. It is like the GPS: you don't need to know the position of each satellites, it is automatic. Just put the 3 micro-beacons somewhere around your playground, switch them on, and you are done.

Is it an issue if I go outside the area set-up by the beacons ?

No. You can go outside the area set up by the beacons and still be framed. And of course if you are going too far the camera will loose you, and it will find you again when you come back.

Can I use PIXIO in a building with metallic walls?

Yes. Just take care to have all the elements of PIXIO a few inches (a few centimeters) away from the metal.

Can I use PIXIO robot without the three beacons?

The three easy to set up beacons included with the PIXIO allow the robot to be responsive, precise and to film from 330ft (100meters) : it is exactly what makes PIXIO a unique technological product. The three beacons are used by the watch to calculate 10 times per second the position of the robot which explains exactly why you need the beacons to enjoy your PIXIO experience.

How long does the beacon battery last? What if I need to film for a longer period?

The beacons battery lasts about 3 hours. If you still need more time to film, you can always use a power bank (not included). Just plug the power bank to the beacon and that’s it !

What are the maximum and minimum operating temperatures?

As any electronic devices, PIXIO operation is not guaranteed at temperatures below 0°C (32°F) or temperatures above 40°C (104°F). In real life we have many customers using PIXIO since more than one year in cold countries, Canada, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Finland etc., and they never had any problem in cold weather. And in our lab we tested PIXIO at -18°C.
Batteries usually have less autonomy in the cold, this is probably the main consequence.

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