Bluetooth MIC and Earbuds

Bluetooth MIC and Earbuds


This Bluetooth Mic & Earbuds provide for easy connection to a Laptop, smartphone, or tablet which is in turn attached to a Jigabot EX. This mic allows for recording great audio to your iPad or other device while streaming or recording. It is perfect for teachers because it enables them to move around freely, and to turn their heads left or right, up or down, without interfering with the sound / audio pick up. It is much more effective than a mic attached to a lanyard that picks up sound through air.


How To

  1. Pull the mic/earbuds from the charging case.
  2. Put them in your ears.
  3. Press “record” on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. It’s that easy!


Teachers & Presenters

This Bluetooth mic fits into the ear, but does NOT have noise cancelling, and so teachers are still able to hear students or others normally. This is a must-have accessory accessory for teachers who want to stream video without worrying about where they turn their heads or where they move about the classroom normally.

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