Desktop Tripod for Jigabot

Desktop Tripod for Jigabot


This Desktop Tripod provides a small, sturdy foundation for a Jigabot EX and It can handle mounted smartphones, tablets, camcorders, cameras or Laptops alike.

It is not designed to be tall and heavy. Rather, it is designed to be short & stout. And to allow for quick setups on a table top. It has rubber feet, making it inclined to stay stationary. And its legs can be opened to a wide angle, allowing for a lot of stability.

Maximum height of tripod & attached camera is less than 2 feet.

NOTE: this tripod can attach directly to a Jigabot EX, or to a Base Mount accessory.


How To

  1. Attach the Jigabot EX to this tripod.
  2. Attach this tripod to a table top.
  3. Attach a camera (or mount) to the Jigabot EX.


Teachers & Presenters

This is a recommended accessory for quick and sturdy setup of the Jigabot EX on a table top.

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