Dot Driver EXL Kit

Dot Driver EXL Kit

SKU: ddek

This Dot Driver Kit includes four of Jigabot’s revolutionary Dot emitters, which are 90% smaller than our previous emitters.

This kit also includes a 3-hour IR Dot Driver Power Pack. It is designed as a complete set allowing you to make your subject more visible (and trackable) to Jigabot devices for up to 3 hours. These IR Dot emitters (not shown in this picture) are magnetically backed, allowing for fast attachment to a subject, and for long-duration (3 hour) tracking.

They connect to and are powered by the included IR Dot Driver Power module (shown in picture) via two 3.5mm jacks.

IR Dot Emitters pulse IR light signals, which are sensed and tracked by a Jigabot. 


Included: IR Dot Emitters (4), IR Dot Driver Power Pack, micro-USB to USB-A cables to connect the Emitters to the Power Pack, and the Power Pack to the USB wall charger (also included).

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