Laptop Mount for Jigabot EX

Laptop Mount for Jigabot EX


This Laptop Mount enables Laptops to be mounted to the Jigabot EX.

It is intended (and recommended) to be used with the Top Mount accessory for added stability.

It is made of black sheet metal, and includes a safety strap to hold the laptop in place and also includes a ridge along the sides so that the laptop cannot easily move sideways.

It includes padding to rest the laptop on and can be used with laptops, notebooks, tablets, or even lights and teleprompters.


Teachers & Presenters

This Laptop Mount is particularly useful for teachers or presenters who want the flexibility to move around a classroom or stage, including to and from a white board or touch screen.

This LaptopMount accessory is intended to enable teachers or presenters to use Zoom* and other streaming software that they are used to using. This accessory also enable laptops to be used as a teleprompters, including use with such software as PowerPoint*. The Laptop Mount accessory has a 3/8-16″ thread (tap) for mounting. It also comes with a 1/4-20″ adapter for mounting to standard tripod screws.

  • Zoom, PowerPoint are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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