Tablet Mount for Jigabot EX

Tablet Mount for Jigabot EX


This Tablet Mount enables easy attachment of a tablets to a Jigabot EX (requires companion use of a Ball Head Mount accessory) and is recommended for use with the Jigabot EX, and extends in size to fit “all” tablets.

Specifically it will work with iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 4, Amazon Fire, etc. This accessory uses a hand-adjustable screw and knob mechanism for expanding in size. Black in color, durable plastic material. It uses a standard 1/4-20″ thread to mount to a Ball Head Mount (and from there to the Jigabot EX).


How To

  1. Attach the Ball Head camera mount to the Jigabot EX.
  2. Attach this Tablet Mount to the Ball Head camera mount.
  3. Attach a tablet to the TabletMount.


Teachers & Presenters

This is a must-have accessory for attaching a tablet to a Jigabot EX.

NOTE: if you want to keep a keyboard attached to your tablet (such as a Microsoft Surface Pro), then purchase the Laptop Mount & Top Mount accessories instead.

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