Wowza Clearcaster Enterprise (3Year)

Wowza Clearcaster Enterprise (3Year)

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Wowza Clearcaster Enterprise

* Three Year Subscription ( No One Year Subscription)


  • 2U
  • Adaptive Network Encoding
  • Real-Time Health Monitoring
  • Cloud-based Management
  • API Integrations

Input Resolutions and Frame Rates

  • HD 2160P30 (4K); De-interlacing support
  • Up to 1080i/P60 (lower framerates, resolutions support); scaling support

Codec Support

  • Video Inputs: AVC / h.264; Via IP input HEVC/h.265, MPEG-2 support
  • Video Outputs: AVC / h.264 ; HEVC / h.265
  • Audio Inputs: Embedded audio, Via IP input AAC, AC-3 (Dolby Digital), MPEG-1 layer 2, MP3 support
  • Audio Output: AAC

Output Resolutions

  • Up to 2160p30; Encode up to 2160P renditions with Full ABR ladder
  • Support for high framerates at lower resolutions
  • Controllable aspect rations and framerate; All outputs support multiple targets

Output Formats

  • RTMP / RTMPS; MPEG-TS (unicast, multicast); RTSP / RTMP / HLS via pull only; SRT


  • Fragmented MP4; Record multiple outputs; Store on appliance and in cloud


  • Dual 600W Fully Reduntant Power Supplies. Dimensions: 17.3 x 3.5 x 16” / 43.94 x 8.89 x 40.64cm
  • Weight 18lbs / 8.16 kg
  • Dimensions W:17.3in x H:3.5in x L:16in


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